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NASS Leadership: Tinubu to meet lawmakers from PDP, LP, other opposition parties


While opposition parties poked all manners of insulting jokes and mockery at President Tinubu during his campaign. Some continued on such path till now. But, one thing that has stood President Tinubu out is his deep understanding of politics. His proposed meeting with opposition lawmakers elect is indicative of this fact.


President Tinubu is experienced in politics and understands how to play it. He is meeting all National Assembly members-elect irrespective of political parties, thus; Abia State Governor should take that cue as soon as possible.


While in Abia State, I have heard very terse press releases from left, right and centre, reminiscing the days of military govt. but I am yet to hear any on the Governor seeking to meet the members-elect of the Abia State House of Assembly.


Given the way the House is split along party lines that culminated in what could be said to be a hung parliament, and the reality of a new law in operation guiding election of Principal Officers; it becomes imperative that building bridges of trust across polical aisle is a must.


A political party that is already troubled and challenged in court on it’s legitimacy to contest the 2023 general elections should be circumspect in flouting anymore laws.


The reality in the present circumstance, baring any last minute change is that only four (4) returning members-elect are by law in the community reading of the relevant provisions of the Constitution as altered and the existing Standing Orders of the House of Assembly, qualified to be elected Speaker and Deputy Speaker.


Consequently, methinks it is high time the Governor met with the members-elect through his experienced appointee on legislative matters, a former member of the House of Assembly Hon. Luke Ukara Onyeani, to fine tune strategies for a working relationship with an opposition Speaker.


I do not see any distraction or inconvenience it could cause the Executive given that no one party as the House would be constituted, can impeach the Governor. Also, the Governor has always prided himself as upright with integrity, therefore, he has nothing to worry about in following due process or being overseen by any parliament irrespective of party affiliation (oversight function).


The country got its best legislative benefits when Buhari had opposition members as principal officers of NASS. If Buhari a former military officer was democratic enough to accept such outcome, nothing would pose a challenge for Abia State Governor not to accept his fate in this regard and work with an opposition Speaker. It is worthy to note that, we are all Abians irrespective of political party differences.


Reminder: The current House was upon proclamation by the former governor inaugurated on the 10th of June, 2019.


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