Abia Majority Leader Decries Deplorable State Of Arochukwu Roads, Calls For Urgent Intervention!!



The Majority Leader of the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon Okoro Uchenna Kalu, has decried the deplorable state of roads in Arochukwu Local Government Area, calling for the urgent intervention of the state and federal governments.


Hon Okoro Uchenna Kalu, who made this disclosure today at the floor of the house, drew the attention of both the State and the Federal governments on the deplorable state of roads in his constituency (Arochukwu) and the need for urgent intervention.

According to him, the situation has become worrisome and sad, especially whenever one remembers the age long saying of the  people that, “there is no easy road to Arochukwu”.  He said the old saying has become very real and looks as a curse to the people of his constituency, since actually there is no easy route to the area.

He added that those who have been to Arochukwu Local Government Area, could attest to the pathetic experience and suffering when plying the route.

“It is not an overstatement to say that my constituency prides as one of the most producers of agricultural products and is the landlord of the only two owned rubber plantations in the state, but sadly, with no accessible road or whatsoever”.

The Majority Leader lamented that the road from Umuahia through Bende, Ohafia to Arochukwu have have continued to remain a nightmare for road users, especially the area connecting his constituency, saddened that past governments have turned the said road to a campaign project, where bulldozers and other equipments are seen only during elections.

According to him, the road from Ozu Abam through Ndi Oji, Ndi Okereke Abam to Arochukwu which is said to be 32 kilometers, have passed through several budgets but regrettably, the road has not recorded a 20% job done on it.

“So far, it is on note and a very sad one that members of my constituency are the only people that access their Local Government Area headquarters, passing through other Local Governments. This poor state of the road has greatly affected my people in particular and the state in general, as the area is highly dominated with farmers,who find it difficult to evacuate their farm produce and the state owned agricultural establishments founded by the late Premier of the South East, Dr. M. I. Okpara in the area, have all gone comatose.

“There are other adjoining roads within my constituency which if they are constructed, will not only boost the food productions of the state but the Internally Generated Revenue of our dear state. Such roads just to mention a few are:-
a. Umuchiakuma – Achara – Okpo – Umuzomgbo Ihechiowa road
b. Ugwu Ebem Ukwuakwu Ututu road
c. Amuvi Arochukwu – St. Paul Ututu road
d. Ndi Oji Abam – Isiugwu Ohafia road
e. Ndi Ojiaku – Abirirba road
f. Idima Abam- Ndi Inya – Amaeke Abam road.

“Considering the enormous danger posed by these abandoned roads to the people of my constituency and the state at large, I therefore humbly prayed as follows:-

1. That this Honorable House should use its powers to call on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to revisit all contract papers of the UMUAHIA BENDE OHAFIA AROCUKWU road in view of permanently fixing the road.
2. That the President be put on notice on the dangers inherent in the non construction or abandoned IGWU BRIDGE, OZU ABAM,after series of campaign shenanigans by the past governments.

3. That the attention of our own dear Governor – His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti OFR be drawn to the long abandoned OZU ABAM NDI OKEREKE ABAM AROCHUKWU road, as the fixing of this said road will enhance the exploration of the low managed rubber plantations and the improvement of the people who are predominantly farmers.

4. That the State Ministry of Works and other connected agencies take immediate action towards the construction of the local link roads.

“I am very sure that once these roads and others are worked on, the internally Generated Revenue of the State will be boosted through agricultural investments and tourism”,he said.

Following the motion and the contributions of the Honourable members, the House, however, graciously granted all the Prayers in the Motion of the Majority Leader.


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