Reporter’s Diary!!Abia Born Agriculturist, Dr Chris Nwagboso Celebrates 50 Years Birth Anniversary 

Written By Okereke Kate, Charles Ogbonnaya



It was a moment of thanksgiving and praise to God, as a renowned politician,a scholar and Agriculturist of great repute, Dr Chris Nwagboso, marked his 50th birthday anniversary.

The event which was some sort an Agricultural exhibition, had the Creme De La Creme in Abia politics, Agric and the education sectors, coming together to celebrate a unique personality, who has distinguished himself in various fields of endeavors and as well  made a positive mark in his career and politics.
The birthday ceremony which was held at the famous Damgrete Hotel, Umuahia, after a thanksgiving Service at the Living Faith Church a.ka.Winners Chapel,Ihie Ndume, Umuahia,witnessed renowned scholars, Christian leaders, politicians,friends and well wishers trooped into the reception venue  to celebrate a man of many parts.

Born on the 27th of April 1974, into the family of Nwagboso of Isialangwa South Local Government Area of Abia State, young Chris grew in bounds, carving a niche for himself, which formed part of his success story. He never toiled with any opportunity availed him, little wonder, he is regarded as successful farmer, even when he never studied Agriculture.
Giving his opening remarks, the chairman on the occasion, Prof Ogbonna Onuoha, described Dr Chris Nwagboso, as a man of productivity,who puts forth every potential to bare. According to the chairman, the occasion should not be seen as the  usual birthday jamboree but admonished guests to seize the occasion to learn and draw from the celebrant’s wealth of knowledge.
Speeches and commendations from guests in attendance, particularly from Sir B U Nnadede and Lady Ngozi Orji, all pointed to a man who has given so much to his society,for the betterment of humanity.
Lady Ngozi Orji
His desire to make positive mark in the society was in full display, when he went overboard to distributing farming inputs as souvenirs to his guests. When asked, he said he wants to secure the Agricultural potentials imbedded in the state and the best way in achieving that feat, was to encourage more people to go back to farming, through the distribution of inputs.
Dr Chris Nwagboso
Dr Chris Nwagboso as the fifth child of his mother, vowed to change the narrative of his family, ushering them out of poverty to wealth.
He promoted hard work, culture and Agriculture while serving as the Transition Committee chairman of Isialangwa South.As the chairman,he hosted Farmers exhibitions and competitions.
Farm Inputs
He is currently the CEO of Chrisnelly farms and deals on the growing of crops and rearing of animals in a grand style.Through his passion for Agriculture, he has motivated millions of people into agriculture.
Dr Nwagboso developed simplified training manuals in various fields of Agriculture and his approach to modern Agriculture remains outstanding. He is a specialist in Palm seed farming and other cash crops.
His love for Agriculture, motivated his decision to distribute farm inputs as souvenirs to his guests, simply to encourage them into Agriculture for the purpose of curbing food insecurity.Dr Nwagboso said, it won’t be fair to leave his guests who turned up for his 50th birthday with just mere towels,plastics or souvenir bags,but would encourage them to toe his line of Agriculture,which has brought immense benefits to him and his community.
In an interview with guests at the event, the chairman on the occasion and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Abia State University(ABSU), Prof Ogbonna Onuoha, said he first heard the name of Dr Nwagboso when he
was in public office. “As my colleague in Academics,I have come to admire him so much.He is a utility. He is a man of positive dimensions,who has passion not just in academics but in Agriculture.He is teaching everyone that we can also survive not only through government but through self effort, as your destiny lies in your hand.
Prof Ogbonna Onuoha
 “The celebrant has not given us a souvenir of towels and plastics but has given us things that could take us back to the farm. I will form a garden where I can plant my gift.This is historical. He is a man living by example. He came from a poverty stricken background but today, he has changed the narrative because he chose a veritable venture and  he is leading so many people into agriculture.
“Agriculture today has become imperative, going by the cost of food items. A cup of garri, beans, rice cost above #300 respectively. So this situation can only be surmounted when we take our destiny in our hands. We wish him well and long life. He will enjoy the labour of his hands. His children will toe his line of enterprise. At 100 years,he will still be strong”.

The Member representing Isialangwa South State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon Dennis Rowland Chinwendu, described Dr Chris Nwagboso as an entrepreneur of high repute, who has contributed immensely to the development of Isialangwa South. “He is a good man. Alot of legacies to admire in him.When he served as the TC chairman of Isialangwa South, his tenure was so outstanding. He impacted on the lives of our people positively. In Agriculture, he has made a tremendous difference”.
Hon Rowland Chinwendu
The former chairman of Isialangwa South Local Government Area, Hon Ifeanyi Isikaku, congratulated Dr Chris Nwagboso for the feat and wished him all the best and everything that makes for good life.
Hon Ifeanyi Isikaku
In a chat with the celebrant, Dr Chris Nwagboso, he gave thanks to God for the gift of life,which he said ,he do not take for granted in spite of numerous challenges.”As a Lecturer in the University of Calabar, God has been at the fore front of my career, helping me to make laudable progress in academics. At age 40, I had my Doctor of Philosophy degree,I have two Masters degree and currently am lecturing Political Science and Public Administration in Unical.


“Seeing what God has done in my life, I had to call my family and friends to come and celebrate my 50th birthday with me and to give thanks to God who made it possible. We cannot do anything without Him.When we thank God for the ones He has done, He will do more”.
For him,the past 50years has been challenging, but he always mapped out strategies to surmount every challenge as they come. “It has not been rosy but we always get solutions.
“God has blessed me academically. I am married, with beautiful children who are making exploits in their academics too.My wife is about completely her PhD. I didn’t study Agriculture but today, I proffer  solutions even to scholars in Agriculture.
“My advice is for people to believe and have faith in God because without Him, there is nothing you can achieve. Trust in him and while you are trusting in Him,take a step. God can only bless that move you make. Don’t be lazy. God will only bless the works of our hands and if you don’t have anything doing,what will God bless?”.
The celebrant further harped on the need for people to go back to Agriculture,if the current food scarcity in the nation would be curbed.

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