Must Read!! We Can’t Continue To Run Aground The Socioeconomic Status Of Aba-Nnamani

Gives Reasons He Joined Abia Politics



The Member representing Aba North/South Federal Constituency, Rt Hon Emeka Nnamani, has disclosed that he can no longer watch aloof, while the Socioeconomic status of Aba is being run down by those who do not have any business in government.


He said the burning desire to change this misnomer spurred him to join Abia politics in 2015.According to him, the socioeconomic status of Aba have been run aground by people who have been running the business of government in Abia.

In an interview with journalists in Aba, the Federal lawmaker said he was challenged to come into Abia politics in 2015, so as to correct the economic flaws made by those in government.

As a business guru who run the second generational Management team of Enitona Hotel, a leading hospitality company in Aba, which has been in existence since 1976, he said, it would be a misnomer to allow the economic potentials of Aba to be run down by people in government, who do not have a single investment made in Aba.

He said, “those that have ran the business of government, did not make any investment in Aba before coming into government and even after coming into government, they chose to make their investments outside Aba. Whereas, his likes that have never been in government, have continued to reinvest in Aba”.

Nnamani said in the game of politics, once you can manage people effectively and as well, know how to proffer solutions to the plight of the people, then governance would not be a problem.

According to him, he joined politics because he understands the economic situation of Aba, having lived all his life in Aba, with series of investments in Aba, he is in the best position, to make laws that would enhance the economic base of the area, being the economic hub of the state.

Outside his burning zeal to serve the people, Rt Hon Nnamani disclosed that he has invested heavily in human capital in Aba, with over 300 staff strength of Enitona Hotel, adding that 10% of the staff working in every hotel in Aba, were trained by Enitona. “Your heart lies where your treasure is. We have huge presence here through our investments and we cannot relocate them. Therefore, we have to put hands together to change the economic situation of Aba. This is what spurred me into politics in 2015, when i first won to represent the people of Aba North”, he said.

The lawmaker further disclosed that if he could manage his over 300 staff effectively, then politics would not be an aberration, as 60% of governance is settled once you can manage people.

“I have come with my whole heart to serve my people. If God permits, i would like to print my name in gold”, he explains.

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