Holy Willies In Cassock (Part 1)

By Don Norman Obinna – Agu Ibeku.



Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, do not speak ill of a servant of God and respect his anointing are some threadbare apophthegms used to provide religious leaders immunity from public scrutiny.

Regrettably, except for the genuine servants of God, Christians’ indulgence has amplified randiness, arbitrariness, debauchery, extremism, homosexuality and lesbianism among Holy Willies masquerading as clergies.

At face value, the cassocks, skull caps and white collars give the vocation some verisimilitude. However, tales abound across the border and on the home front of some so-called men of God convicted, arrested or accused of immoralities.

The lists are endless. However, the cases of Ted Haggard, Dave Reynolds, Jim Bakker, Bishop Wale Oke, Pastor Joshua Iginla, Pastor Timothy Omotoso, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Pastor Chukwuma Nkwocha, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and Rev King received much ballyhoo.

We have also watched obscene videos (on social media) of supposed men of God kissing or anointing the female members’ vaginas and, in most cases, having carnal knowledge of them in the most disgusting manners.

Shamefully, these have engendered broken marriages and dysfunctional homes.

Despite their fanatics (with the temperament of bellicose sectarianism) leaping to their defences, the victims are Christianity and the church, which have become public spectacles.

Blind to these beyond-the-pale attitudes and shortcomings, a few gullible Christians revered them more than Jesus Christ and surmised all their words as truth.

This intransigence explains why the fake letter of my purported suspension (that accused Mr Emole and me of embezzlement of party fund) instigated and circulated online by Bishop Sunday Onuoha and broadcasted by Vision Africa – a radio station he manages for an NGO – went viral.

Onuoha is a gifted dissimulator with a cloying smarminess. He can blandish one into parting with one’s inheritance by merely listening to him.

Except for the no-nonsense disposition of the Attorney General, he almost succeeded in badgering the governor to allot permanently to him the portion of the BCA premises occupied by Vision Africa Radio.

His incendiary petition against me through a proxy nearly incited the former Abia State commissioner of police, AIG Janet Agbede, against me.

The gravity and content of the petition left me speechless. So, it was understandable why she sent three vehicles loaded with police officers to my office to fetch me.

It was a similar story at the Abia State DSS Office penultimate week, where the Director asked me to go home after he listened to my side of the story.

That is how exceptional Sunday Onuoha is. I am sure some of us are distressed by these revelations. They are not fictitious but a fraction of the wondrous deeds of the man in a cassock.

I will not be startled if my admirers, who serenaded my indefatigability and selfless service to humanity, expressed reservations after listening to him on Flo FM claim that his refusal to accede to my demand of N385.6 million precipitated our impasse.

It is a faux pas, an ill-thought allegation that does not appeal to common sense. Nobody demands decimal figures as kickbacks but round figures. Besides, Sunday Onuoha does not have such an amount of money unless there are shenanigans the people are oblivious to.

Unlike one of his chatterboxes who took to social media last Friday to defame me with repulsive allegations of drug abuse/addiction, rape, burglary, blackmail and sleeping with married women, I will espouse an issue-based approach.

In other words, do not expect me to condescend to the gutter level of referring to Onuoha as a womaniser, a schemer or other dirty names in retaliation. God forbid! I am a trained professional.

My name resonates more than Sunday Onuoha in Abia State. How can I blackmail someone who has not attained my popularity? I have no reason to seek relevance. I have it already.

The serial will detail, with corresponding documents, what transpired between Sunday Onuoha and the Abia State ADC executives.

It will reveal the conspiratorial schemes of a man whose sole aim was to disorganise the party hierarchy and trade the provisional mandate of the party to the highest bidder.

It will blow your minds!

To be continued next week.

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