‘Avoid These Banana Skins If You Must Succeed’-Norman Tells Otti



The Abia State Chairman of the African Democratic Party (ADC), Don Obinna Norman, has charged the new Governor of Abia, to avoid banana-skin individuals in his administration, if he must outperform his predecessors.

The new government as a matter of urgency, should also avoid the politics of next of kin and resentments and ensure it runs an all-inclusive government, if it must succeed.

Dr Alex Otti

ln a telephone interview with National Ambassador Newspapers, the State chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), said the outgone administration, surrounded itself with folks that had no knowledge of governance, thereby, contributing to the epileptic regime Abians suffered in the last eight years, pointing that if the new government must record success, it must depart from the conventional PDP’s administrative style.

“In other words, they should end the recirculation of public officeholders, especially the dead woods. I expect the new administration to run a purposeful government and make transparency their watchword”.


Norman further disclosed that the newly sworn in governor should avoid playing politics of whataboutism and focus on delivering the dividends of democracy to the people, as well as, shun the winner takes it all type of government that is being run in Abia, which has set the state backwards and contributed to the non-actualization of the state’s potential.

Abia ADC Chairman, Obinna Don Norman

Continuing, the ADC chairman urged the new administration not to discard their manifesto, but run vigorously with it, avoiding the blame games, excuses and witch-hunting spirit, because Abians elected them to improve their lives.

He equally added that they should not tamper with the Local Government funds and ensure they publish regularly, the Abia State audited financial report and as well, make adverts for contract bidding open and the terms made public.

Evaluating the performance of the outgone administration, Norman stated that considering the protracted court cases that bedeviled the Ikpeazu’s government, it is fair to say that the government of Ikpeazu wasn’t a failure the way people projected it on social media, regretting that the decision of the Ikpeazu’s government to boycott the media was a bad one, as It allowed negative news stories about the state to thrive for too long. So, before they realized it, the damage was done. “The government had weak media representation and management”.

Moreso, the ADC chairman, said Okezie Ikpeazu performed better than his predecessors, stating that his greatest undoing was the salary and pension conundrums, which was not properly managed. “From my investigation, Abia has 28,000 civil servants. Only 1500 of them from the Agencies and Parastatal were owed. Though I believe that a worker deserves his wages, the issue was blown out of proportion”, he explained.

Norman further disclosed that the outgone government was never decisive in its decision-making, as there were a lot of policy somersaults, which affected the economy, enjoining Governor Otti to make a difference in that direction, as an economy expert.

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