Zodwa Wabantu shocks fans after going ‘coffin shopping’


Zodwa Wabantu caused a stir on Instagram after she documented herself shopping for coffins

While some of us are out here shopping for shoes and designer handbags, Zodwa is planning for the inevitable.

The entertainer who lives life on her own terms and is never shy to share her opinions, quickly became a talking point on Tuesday night.

Zodwa shared snippets of her coffin shopping spree with fans and explained that black people often shied away from talking about death.

She also revealed that she chose a coffin worth a whopping R150k

“Death. Black society is scared to talk about death. My coffin is 150k. Are you ready or your family is still gonna run around?”

Zodwa added that she didn’t want to be the subject of those infamous tabloid headlines after her death.

“I don’t want Zodwa Wabantu was famous now there’s no money to bury her.”

Zodwa also shared a video of her getting into the coffin, even though this is considered “taboo” in the black culture

Within an hour of posting the video it got over 13 000 views and counting.

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