New Year resolution 2019: Add these to your beauty regime today


A New Year has begun and we are sure you might have made a list of New Year resolutions that you might have promised to remain focused upon. Right from dieting, to hitting the gym finally and to improve your eating habits. But, have you ever thought of bringing in some changes in your makeup regime as well?

Yes! That’s true, all things considered, here are few makeup habits that you must include in your beauty regimen as a New Year resolution in 2019 DAILY!!

Exfoliate your skin regularly:

Regardless of whether you do it regularly or not, add exfoliation to your healthy skin schedule now. The primary reason for exfoliation is to swamp off the development of dead skin cells from the skin surface. Furthermore, it is critical, since your skin’s characteristic capacity to shed dead skin cells backs off as you age, which can prompt more blunt or dull looking skin. While peeling is an essential healthy skin step, how regularly you ought to exfoliate your skin fluctuates from person to person.
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Make sunscreen your BFF:

If you have not yet started applying sunscreen as of now, you should probably start it today!. It’s a well-known fact that you should wear sunscreen each and every day, (whatever may happen!) whether its winter or rain to avoid untimely maturing and lessen your risk of skin ailments that also include skin cancer which is no exception due to the harmful Sun’s rays. You should try finding a sunscreen that suits your skin, wear it on the reg, and not simply over that late spring shoreline occasion. Your future self will bless you for adding this to your regime for sure!
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Say hello to herbal makeup and beauty products:

If you have been thinking the past year about opting for herbal makeup products but were not able to, the right time begins today! There is no denying the fact that the makeup that we use is formulated using various chemicals that in the matter of time would definitely show their results. This year, make a New Year resolution to ditch those chemical-based makeup products and start your year with herbal ones that would make no harm to your skin.
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Lotus Herbals

Makeup Removers:
Because your skin needs to breathe:

We do understand that you just feel like diving in that cozy, comfy, soft bed after a hard day at work or a tiring night out with your gang. But definitely not with your makeup on, irrespective of whether its chemical based or herbal!. Thus, it makes utmost important to get your makeup removed from your face before hitting that bed. At night, your skin dwells into a self-repairing formula and with that cakey face, it is going to cause more harm to your beautiful skin.
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Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover

Conditioner for your hair unconditionally:

This one is a no-brainer! Hair conditioners not only make your skin silkier, smoother and more manageable, it also gives more strength to your strands. Keep it a point to oil your hair regularly and apply a mild conditioner every time you shampoo your tresses. A good conditioner also hydrates and nourishes your hair that often gets depleted due to excessive and daily exposure to sun and pollution.
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Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner

So, all you beautiful ladies, start your 2019 with these New Year resolutions!


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