Alexx Ekubo wants you all to allow gay people be gay in peace


You don’t get to read an open letter from Alexx Ekubo often, so when he writes one, we can’t but want to find out what he is bothered about and this time he thinks you all should let gay people be gay in peace!

The movie star took to his Instagram page on New Year’s day January 1, 2019, where he not only wrote about allowing gay people have their way but also wanted the youths to stop criticising people about the source of their wealth.

“Dear Nigerian Youth, learn to be happy for one another, hating another man’s candle won’t light yours, if someone buys a car, be happy for the person, if someone builds a house be happy & pray that God blesses you to do the same, don’t start criticizing & calling names, “fraudster” “gigolo” “husband snatcher “ a thief who hasn’t had the opportunity, considers himself an honest man” trust me you would do worse should the opportunity present itself, So shut up!

“Learn to live & let live, if a person wants to be gay, let them gay in peace, personally I’m NOT, have NEVER been, & will NEVER be, lets allow pple to be free & comfortable with their sexual preference, stop the name calling & shaming. If a woman has certain insecurities about her body & wants to fix it, it’s her prerogative, her risk, her money & ultimately her body, face front & worry about what you’ll eat for dinner. If a person wants to pay their tithe, let them pay, is it your money? Personally, I’m an unrepentant tithe payer, you wanna know why? Because I want to contribute to the outreach the church is doing, now if my pastor wants to buy a Rolls Royce or a private jet with it, that’s fine with me, God thats sees in the secret & reward in the open, will never let my labor of love go unnoticed,” he wrote.

He also went on to advice the youths to stop fueling already existing issues with the kind of words and reactions they give with major reference to marriage and relationship palaver.

Alexx Ekubo

“If someone is having relationship/marriage issues, pray for them, advice them if you can & hope for the best, don’t fuel the fire, & encourage the breakup, honestly, guys, this is not cute anymore we are starting to look like a bunch of sadistic, vile, bitter, angry set of pple to the rest of the world, we are constantly antagonizing each other & wishing failure on our selves Oh! While I have your attention, can we stop with the pressure, stop putting undue pressure on pple to do things, be it marriage, career moves, childbirth, etc.

“Pls what I’m trying to say is, lets be more tolerant of each other, lets respect our individual choices & decisions, lets pull each other up, lets forgive more, lets spread love & kill hate, we have always done the opposite & see where we are, lets try this in 2019 & see where it takes us. 2019 is our year of TESTIMONY, Happy New Year. #AlexxEkuboPepTalk ❤️,” he concluded.

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Hmmmm…just in case you are on this table Alexx Ekubo is sharing, then maybe you should have a rethink in this new year and do less criticising, and be more supportive of friends, family, and celebrities too. Alexx Ekubo’s message might not be different from the statement put out by comedian, Okey Bakassi a few months ago.

Okey Bakassi has a message for busybodies on social media

Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi a message for people who we like to term busybodies who tend to drop unnecessary comments on social media post. The veteran comedian made his frustrations known on his Instagram page on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, where he posted a video. According to him, it is really unwarranted for anyone to make comments on social media especially if they have no knowledge of the topic.

“It has become very clear to me why people fail exams is not common sense if you don’t understand something you ask questions. Even in African culture those days when things are too confusing they ask the oracle to even find the answer. So why rush to click the reply button on someone’s post on social media when you don’t understand the point. You reply and just talk nonsense, off point.

Okey Bakassi is bringing another dimension to Nigerian television

“Something wen nor concern the post you will just go and reply. If you read a post and move on, something go happen to you? I don’t even understand, some people nor dey even borrow sense wetin you nor understand, ask questions, don’t go to the public square and express your stupidity,” he concluded.


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