Chow Yun-fat explains why he wants to leave his entire $714 million fortune to charity – shanghaiist


Everyone’s favorite movie star, Chow Yun-fat, continues to endear himself to fans around the globe with his incredible humility and generosity.

Recently, South Korea’s Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation focused a 16-minute segment around the Hong Kong movie legend where Chow was asked once again about his stated desire to donate his entire fortune — an amount that has been estimated before at a whopping HK$5.6 billion ($714 million) — to charity upon his death, and what his wife thinks about all this.

“My wife strongly supports my decision,” the 63-year-old actor replied. “When you die you can’t take your money with you, so why not give it to those who in need?”

Back in October, Chow’s wife, Jasmine Tan, revealed that despite her husband’s tremendous net worth, he continues to live frugally on just HK$800 ($102) a month, even sticking with the same trusty Nokia flip phone for 17 years until it finally stopped working.

The Korean program also covered Chow’s well-known love for walking, jogging, and public transportation to get around. “Who’s going to notice me on the subway?” Chow joked to the interviewer. “Ninety percent of people all have their heads down staring at their phones.”

As well as buses and metro trains, Chow is so down to earth that he has also been spotted in the past anonymously cleaning up the streets of Hong Kong after a typhoon and lining up for tickets at a theater to see his own freaking movie.

“I feel that the money does not really belong to me,” he said about his fortune back in 2014. “I am just in charge of keeping it temporarily!


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